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Ski with Sammy Carlson (and His Dad)

Sammy Carlson is one of the most exciting skiers to watch in the world. His playful style has him airborne for what seems like most of the time - and his approach to features and terrain is full of power, style, pop, and a fun-loving attitude.

DO NOT FORGET! How to Pack for Your Trip

Heliskiing at Mica is the trip of a lifetime. It’s also really remote, so delivering something you forgot isn’t really an option, unless you have inordinate faith in carrier pigeons. Both of these to emphasize that it’s a good thing to be prepared with what to bring for a week at the lodge.

Ski with Elyse & Cody

Elyse Saugstad and Cody Townsend are one of, if not the funniest couple in skiing. They fell in love skiing together, and have been pushing each other through impressive ski careers ever since.