Types of Skiers | A Shortlist

Words by:
Mica Heli

We’ve seen a lot of guests here over the years

While we don’t like to stereotype anyone (we’re too relaxed for that up here), we’ve seen a few categories emerge. As you prep for your next heliski trip, feel free to use the below primer to identify a) where you fall and b) how to approach your fellow guests for optimal friendship-building:

The Perpetually Stoked Skier

Every line is the best ever. Well, it is any way at Mica, but this skier is always psyched. Every turn is a face shot, snorkels are necessary, the sky is always bluebird. This skier reminds you that life actually can be this fun, all the time. You just wonder how they keep it up without succumbing to exhaustion…

The Snowboarder

Yes, you have to wait for them at every traverse. Yes, their snowboard is more susceptible to flying away in a rotor wash. No, they NEVER look over their shoulder. But they shred faster than you and dammit, they just ARE cooler. In fact, the Mica snowboarder might just re-frame your view of snowboarders in general.

The Serious Skier

This skier is out for vertical. She’ll set the record for the week, never giving up her seat in the heli for an afternoon off, and generally leave other skiers in her cold smoke wake. She recovers just as hard, religiously hot tubbing to ease sore muscles and happy hour-ing to keep the stoke high.

The Guy Who Skis Once a Year

This skier only makes it out once per winter, but still keeps up with the crew—inexplicably, as he’s usually employing the hot-dogging style of the early 90s and taking five turns for your every one. His tracks are pretty though.

The Practically Pro

This skier talks about all of the sick lines they’ve shredded, takes every opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, and name-drops famous photographers and athletes whenever possible. To be fair, they actually skied that pillow line beautifully, and their stories are fun to listen to in the bar over drinks.

The Actual Pro

Shows up looking like a poor ski bum and never actually talks about the sick lines they’ve shredded unless you corner them.

Did we miss a category? Probably. But no matter your attitude toward skiing, we can all agree that several days spent on snow is one of the most incredible experiences—which means we’re all best friends by the end of the week, regardless of categories.