We’re dreaming & planning for next season, here’s our response to COVID-19

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This Winter’s Silver Lining

Well, its definitely been an interesting year. We are guessing that you, like us, are very much looking forward to reconnecting & simply going skiing.

Mica Stories: 5 Reasons our Staff Thinks You Should Come to Mica

Let's face it, heli-skiing speaks for itself.  Most of us still get excited simply to fly in a helicopter, but then you add on turn after turn in weightless untracked powder and not much else gives you that same euphoric feeling. 

Mica Stories: Benji Goes for Gold

Meet the hopefuls for the 2022 Jamaican Olympic ski team:

Benjamin Alexander.

Yep, it’s a team of one. One 37-year-old with a British accent, who didn’t learn to ski until five years ago. His unlikely winter origin story? Mica Heliskiing, of course.