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Foon Skis, our Custom Ski Builder

At Mica, we deeply value our long-time guests and think of them as family. When our guests have skied with Mica for ten years, we recognize them by inviting a local artist to come to the lodge (during the guest’s holiday) to get to know them and create a piece of custom artwork for them.

Our Partnership with Sherpas Cinema

Mica Heli is unlike any other heli-skiing operation in the world. With an exceptional team, a stunning location, and an enviable safety record, the days at Mica Heliskiing feel as close to magic as a holiday can get you.

Feel the Burn! How a Wildfire Opened Up More Tree Skiing in Dawson Valley

“The burn is very exciting - we might have just gained twenty percent more skiing,” says Tyler, one of the guides at Mica, about the new opened up tree-skiing in Dawson Valley.