Upon arrival, each guest is assigned a personal locker that includes:
  • MAMMUT Barryvox S Transceiver - high-end and intuitive for use with animated instructions
  • MAMMUT Airbag 3.0 Backpack - 10 L, compact and lightweight with a comfortable fit
  • MAMMUT 320 Probe - aluminum and lightweight with speedlock system
  • Shovel - lightweight and durable shovel with quick assembly
  • ICOM Handheld Radio -  keeps you in contact with your ski group, Guide or Pilot at all times in the field

Our guiding team will provide a comprehensive safety training session covering the use of radios, avalanche transceivers, rescue techniques and a helicopter safety briefing. The guides will spend as much time as needed with you to feel comfortable using the safety equipment. All equipment is maintained daily by our on-site ski-tech.



  • VOLKL Revolt 121 - 177, 184, 191 - At 121mm underfoot with rocker in the tip and tail this is a playful, approachable ski for the deeper days. It is a burlier ski, as most Volkls are. 
  • VOLKL Revolt 114 - 177, 184, 191 - At 114mm underfoot with rocker in the tip and tail this is a playful, approachable ski for the deeper days but bit lighter than the 121's allowing for very responsive turning.
  • VOLKL 108s - 157, 165, 173, 181, 189 - 108 underfoot and just over 140 in the shovel, these skis have an awesome side cut. This allows the ski to turn with relative ease. Furthermore, they are an extremely gradual full-length rocker profile.
  • VOLKL Blaze - 176, 184, 192 - At 114mm underfoot with rocker in the tip and tail, these ski are designed with increasing flex in relation to the length of the ski so that riders benefit from the strong driving characteristics.
  • VOLKL Confession - 179, 186, 193 - Lean, mean, mountain slaying machines. Titanal bands combine with a vertical sidewall, generous camber underfoot, and a slight rocker in the front to provide a stable platform for hard-charging, deep snow debauchery. 
  • VOLKL V-Werks Katana - 177, 184, 191 - The Katana is a legend in the world of big mountain skiing. At 112 mm underfoot they are fat, but not too fat. It goes where you drive it in all conditions, all terrain, with great float in soft powdery snow.
  • BLACK CROWS Nocta — 177, 185, 190 - The Nocta has been a staple in our fleet the last few seasons. Very similar in size and shape to the Volkl Revolt makes it an awesome powder ski. They are lighter and have less camber underfoot than the Revolts which can really lend itself to skiing multiple days in a row. 
  • BLIZZARD Spur — 159, 169, 179, 189 - A big, traditional pow ski. It is a directional ski around 127 underfoot. Blizzard really makes a great ski. It is an awesome ski for those bluebird alpine days when you can really open them up and let the skis run. Can be challenging for some in the tight trees. Of course, it is great on the deeper days. 
  • ARMADA VJJ UL - 165, 175 - Very lightweight, super versatile ski @116 underfoot. The JJ is playful, forgiving and floats really well.
BINDINGS: The majority of our skis are mounted with Salomon Warden 13 bindings and some of our shorter skis are mounted with Warden 11s. 


JONES Hovercraft - 148, 152, 156, 160 - A true float tank!  This freeride baby gives you nimble maneuverability to rip turns of every size. It's no wonder this model has a cult following. 
JONES Lone Wolf - 162 - This swallow tailed big mountain behemoth is unsinkable in powder. Just try, won't go down.
JONES Mind Expander -  150, 154, 158, 162, 166 - Playful powder board with a hybrid directional shape. It makes you want to slash every terrain feature in sight.
JONES Storm Chaser - 147 - A power packed swallowtail that offers magical float in pow and radical carving potential.
JONES Ultracraft - 152, 156, 160 - This is a high performance alternative freeride board that rips pow like a race board. The rocker nose delivers epic float in pow while the stiff tail and long sidecut offer powerful board control when moving fast.
BURTON Fish 3-D - 151, 156, 161 - Surf-inspired board has super playful float and big snow wave slashability.
BURTON Flight Attendant - 162, 168 - This board has everything you want out of a freeride board. It floats well in powder, carves hard and is fast and stable at high speeds. It's also above average for jumping for a freeride board, so if you're looking to rock some freestyle off those natural hits, then the flight attendant is a good way to go. 
WIRED Chase Series - 150, 154, 158, 162 -  A directional powder board with with traditional camber this great board is designed to stay on top of the deep stuff. 
WIRED Vantage - 150, 154, 158, 160, 162 - A directional tapered board with multi camber, the Vantage is stable through all types of snow and offers good pop if you like getting playful. 
LIBTECH Orca - 153, 156, 159 - Travis Rice's all-mountain directional snowboard is an apex freeride pow ripper. With a floaty nose, tight sidecut and maximum power tail it offers dreamy carving turns in all types of powdery terrain.