Information Regarding Health & Safety

Packing Guidelines

All guests, staff and supplies are transferred by helicopter to Mica Lodge. To ensure safe and efficient helicopter transfers, please respect the following guidelines:

  • Soft sided duffel bags only. Avoid bags with wheels or rigid frames. 
  • Maximum bag size is 30 x 24 x 16 inches / 100 litres
  • Carry ski and snowboard boots separately.
    • Boot bags are acceptable
  • If you are bringing your own skis or board DO NOT pack your belongings in your ski or board bag. There is limited room in the ski basket and a fully packed ski or board bag will not fit.
    • You are encouraged to use our powder skis and snowboards.

Excess or inproperly packed gear that results in additional flight time will be charged a mimimum of $500 per guest. If your luggage does not meet the above requirement, you may be asked to repack your belongings.  

You are encouraged to leave excess luggage and ski/board bags in our Revelstoke office while at Mica.

Ship Your Gear to Mica Lodge
Traveling with your ski gear and luggage just got a whole lot easier! Mica Heli is now a Ship Skis partner. You can arrange door-to-door transportation of your gear to or from any address in the world.

Personal Electronic Devices

Phones and other electronic devices are now allowed into the field.  You will be asked to turn your phone to Airplane Mode, and ensure that it is placed more than 30cm from your beacon.  If you would like to use a GoPro camera, please make sure it is helmet mounted rather than chest mounted.

Note that drones are not permitted at Mica Heli due to Transport Canada regulations.