Artist Profile: Zuzana Riha

Words by:
Mica Heli

At Mica, we deeply value our long-time guests and think of them as family. We recognize that for many of whom, the Mica wilderness and Canadian Rockies hold just as special of a place for them as they do for our team. 

To honor our decade long guests, we gift a custom ski or snowboard with custom topsheet artwork intended to reflect the place. For our customized artwork, we focus on partnering with local artists to ensure the art is an authentic aesthetic of our mountain home.



Zuzana tries to make her art reflect the fierce beauty and freedom of our wilderness, and connects people to our incredible landscapes. Creating art is a way for her to reach out and touch hearts by translating moments in nature into art which leaps barriers of language, time and space.

Zuzana has been drawn to the mountains from an early age, working in the mountains has always been her excuse to get out and admire their incredible beauty. She's worked as a ski patroller, ski instructor, backcountry ranger, avalanche technician, search and rescue technician, heli-ski coordinator, and as an avalanche rescue dog handler.

We have been honoured to have Zuzana join us at the lodge to create art. And especially love the beautiful pictures she sends us, of the lodge and Mount Dunkirk, from Kinbasket Lake where she often fishes in the summer.


“I create art with the intention of connecting people with nature. I believe that all beings are equal on this planet and we need to see eye to eye. It’s a beautiful place we share with beautiful beings.


There is always something beautiful to discover when in the mountains. Sometimes it's the majestic landscape, and sometimes it's looking inward at your own existence.”


~ Zuzana Riha


This artwork captures Kinbasket Lake and the stunning wilderness views that sweep up to the Canadian Rockies. It was created while in residency at Mica lodge for our decade long guests.

The vision for this piece was born on a late summer evening when Zuzana was fishing from the waters of Kinbasket Lake beneath our awe-inspiring sentinel, Mount Dunkirk.

It tells the seasonal story of our beautiful mountain home and the powerful cycle of water feeding the mountains to give us those glorious powder days that eventually melt to feed the forests, wildlife, rivers and lakes.


Follow along with her work:

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