Why You Should Have Heliskiing Holiday FOMO

Whelp, it’s already June—2019 is flying by, which means you should probably start planning for the holidays already. Yes, we’re serious, but only because we keep dreaming back to the best Christmas week we’ve ever had, and we think everyone should share it with us this coming year.

What made it so great, you ask? The family vibe, we answer. Guests included two families with five kiddos from ages 11-17 (who doesn’t love a grommet shredder?!), and several of our Mica staff brought their partners and families up for the week to share in the festivities. We decked out the lodge with cozy lights and decorations and put up a beautiful tree. We served a three-course turkey dinner on Christmas night in classic Mica gourmet fashion.

We also had a slightly more famous family up to share the holidays: Elyse Saugstad, who won the Powder Award for Best Female Performance for her segment in Matchstick Production’s All In and was named Freeskier’s 2018 Female Skier of the Year; and Cody Townsend, who recently launched “The Fifty” project to ski North America’s most classic descents. As the stars of our first-ever “Mica Original” that’s dropping this fall, skiing’s power couple was up filming an in-house produced and directed piece called “Heliskiing – Cheaper Than Couples Therapy.” (Yes, it actually is, if you’re wondering. We highly recommend it).

But for all their fame as one of the most badass shred couples on the scene, Cody and Elyse were a perfect fit for our holiday family vibe. Cody brings an element of goofy fun to every situation, and Elyse is admirably ego-less despite her long list of awards. The two were out sending lines with the kids—all of whom, it should be noted, wore various costume items from our infamous tickle trunk out skiing every day.

Oh yeah, and the snow was amazing. That light, early season, blower pow that holiday dreams are made of.

See, pretty good way to spend Christmas, right? Get in touch now to share the holidays with us this season!