DO NOT FORGET! How to Pack for Your Trip

Heliskiing at Mica is the trip of a lifetime. It’s also really remote, so delivering something you forgot isn’t really an option, unless you have inordinate faith in carrier pigeons. Both of these to emphasize that it’s a good thing to be prepared with what to bring for a week at the lodge.

We’ll take care of all your backcountry gear, i.e. pack, shovel, probe and beacon. We’ve also got you covered for snowboards and skis and poles with a range of our favorite brands, so no need to bring your own.

Definitely bring your own boots though, because those are as individual as ski style—and we all know boots can make or break your day in the mountains. Make sure yours are dialed before you leave.

For skiing, pack the rest of your personal ski gear, including a couples sets each of:

  • Base layers
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Goggles (extra lenses if you have them, in case of fogging)

As well as:

  • Shell
  • Ski/snowboard pants
  • Helmet

For the lodge, imagine lounging by the fire in front of our floor-to-ceiling windows, or in the library. Think about sitting down to dinner with your fellow heliskiers, or at the bar for a drink. It’s by no means black tie formal up here, so pack whatever you’re comfortable in—whether it’s your favorite cozy sweater and jeans, button-down, or a full crushed velvet sweat suit (we’re pretty sure we’ve got one of those in the costume box, actually…).

You might be chilly on the heli ride and the transfers, and we’re known to have impromptu happy hours on the deck to take in the killer views. So bring your down jacket, winter boots and tuque (or beanie, as you Americans say).

Whatever you do, don’t forget your bathing suit. It should be right up there with your ski boots on your packing list. With two hot tubs overlooking opposite ends of the valley, set up for soaking your tired muscles with a drink in hand, you’re definitely going to want your suit. And if all you bring is your bathing suit and ski boots, well… we admire your attitude.