The Great Escape: Private Heliskiing at Mica

With buzz words like “Small-Group Heliskiing” and “Private Heliskiing” being used in almost every marketing campaign in the heliskiing industry over the past few years, booking a heliski experience can be a challenging process. There is no concrete definition for such terms and so many options to choose from under the guise of a Private Heliski package, how does one decide what to book?

At Mica we abide by a rule of excellence without compromise, and make it our prerogative to provide our guests with the highest quality, customized heliski adventures imaginable.

"The private ski program at Mica allows you to quite simply do what you want, when you want and where you want - this latter point being subject of course to the guides!  Two years ago around noon on a cloudy, cold day we were switching over from Molson Creek to Dawson Creek drainage when one of the guides suggested we stopped back at the lodge for lunch.  No brainer!  First time I have ever done that at Mica!  Hello private program …. "
-Tony Whitworth, Mica Guest

We operate only one exclusive Private Program per tour, each of which is comprised of four skiers and led by two guides.  With a dedicated Bell 407 helicopter at your disposal, you will have ultimate freedom to discover our 500 square mile tenure at whatever pace you choose. Whether it is big alpine lines in the furthest reaches of our tenure, steep pillows and powder close to home, or simply a coffee break at the lodge in between runs that you are looking for, the ski program is run according to the Private group’s desires.

Private accommodation just steps away from our luxury lodge allows you to retreat to  a private space or join the guests at the Lodge at your own will. Four spacious guest suites, a lounge, wet bar, massage quarters and hot tub are all included in the Private Chalet.

Included in the Private package is a return heli charter from Kelowna International Airport to Mica Lodge.This not only provides a stunning aerial tour of the Columbia River Valley and beyond to start and end your adventure, but maximizes ski time on arrival and departure days and reduces time spent travelling.

For those looking for an intimate, customized experience, maximized skiing in the best ski terrain on earth, and accommodation that leaves nothing to be desired, Private Heliskiing at Mica is the ultimate choice.... Just ask our seasoned guests:

"[Mica is] still the best heli experience going, bar none.  It is not just the terrain which has something for everyone; it is not just the fact that there are no down days (try that on a five day trip to Alaska … no down days … unheard of!); it is not just the new lodge and all the unbelievable amenities that come with it - it is the Mica people that make it work and they continue to foster that small lodge camaraderie.  That is the real differentiator."   
-Tony Whitworth, Mica Guest

"I’ve actually never done anything but private heli and it’s the only way I’d ever do it, period. The world class terrain, snow, hotel accommodations and hospitality at Mica are legendary and second to none, and sure, it’s fantastic that with private you can ski as much or as little as you want and when you want BUT there’s one more critical condition required for ultimate pleasure. it’s who you share that experience with. I’m sure that  with the regular program groups you can make friends and have a blast, but there’s nothing like sharing the incredible Mica experiences with 3 of your best friends. Whether skiing a long, steep, deep powder run or drinking a 100 point wine, it’s great individually but infinitely better, and certainly next level, when shared, exclusively, with close friends. that’s the Mica Private difference."
-Charles Bieler, Mica Guest

If you simply want a heliski experience beyond your wildest dreams, go to Mica. The terrain, the helicopters, the staff and the housing is absolutely amazing. You can't beat having your own helicopter, pilot and guides! This enables you to go wherever you can, at your own pace. Plus having the best of both worlds after, with yo ur private chalet and the main lodge for dinner and drinks is awesome!"
- Dan Brettler, Mica Guest

We have a five prime tours available for the 2014/ 2015 ski season at Mica:
5, 6 or 7 Day Tour | January 2 -9, 2016
4 Day Tour | January 14- 18, 2016
3,5 or 6 Day Tour | January 23 -29, 2016
4 Day Tour | March 15 -19, 2016
4 Day Tour | March 19 - 23, 2016

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