Ski with Sammy Carlson (and His Dad)

Sammy Carlson is one of the most exciting skiers to watch in the world. His playful style has him airborne for what seems like most of the time - and his approach to features and terrain is full of power, style, pop, and a fun-loving attitude. We love having Sammy at Mica, to ski with him and (try to) follow him through zones in the creative and awesome way that he moves on skis.

Growing up in Oregon, Sammy’s parents encouraged him to spend time out in the mountains, doing the thing he loves the most. From X-Games championships to backcountry pillow lines, they are proud of the incredible athlete their son has become. With Sammy’s packed schedule, he doesn’t get the opportunity to ski with his family as much as he used to, but this Dec 26 - 30, he’s bringing his dad to have some quality time shredding pow together at Mica.

At our core, Mica is a family operation. We love the way that skiing brings people together, connects friends from around the world and gives families a way to spend time together. We can’t wait to ski with the man who taught Sammy everything he knows, and bring family together the way we love to do.

As they say, families that ski together…get sore legs together.