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Mica Heliskiing: Cheaper Than Couples Therapy

Cheaper Than Couples Therapy

Remember? When they swooshed in next to you from the singles line up? You could hardly believe your luck. There they were, big smile, bright eyes, great ski outfit (for the time). They told you their name (you forgot it immediately), asked if you wanted to ski a lap, and the story was written. They smoked you, lap after lap, weaving between the trees. The years have gone by, but they're still your favourite person to ski with.

Cody and Elyse have one of those stories, and now they're at Mica...trying to remember...what changed.

Whether it's with family, partners, old friends or new, we're all about the chase, the joy, the excitement of that first moment of connecting to something real.

Bring a plus one this year, and rekindle it here.

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