Our Partnership with Sherpas Cinema

Mica Heli is unlike any other heli-skiing operation in the world. With an exceptional team, a stunning location, and an enviable safety record, the days at Mica Heliskiing feel as close to magic as a holiday can get you.

There is one production team who knows this operation inside out and who can truly capture and express that magic unlike anyone else. That company is Sherpas Cinema.

It goes without saying that the Sherpas have an undeniable legacy of creating innovative, powerful, mind-bending ski media. They live and breathe skiing and their passion for the sport is apparent in everything they make. A Sherpas Cinema video or movie can make you feel joy, pain, excitement, comfort. They transport you around the world, carry you through time and space, cross-culturally, over and through jaw-dropping landscapes.

Mica Heliskiing is thrilled to form an official partnership with this incredible production company. For years, the Sherpas have been coming to Mica so that we can share the experience digitally. Now, the Sherpas are becoming part of the family. With their knowledge of the terrain and their familiarity with the way that we operate, there is no other team that we would trust to tell our story.

They say two heads are better than one, but a heli-skiing operation like us and a production team like the Sherpas? Two words: dream team.