In Our Kitchen

This season, we’re showcasing a big Canadian winter.

In our kitchen.

(We know, we like surprises just as much as the next person.)

But seriously, this means some really cool developments in our dynamic five-star menu. Like a tiny greenhouse for growing micro greens like kale, mustard greens, and, wasabi, and even some micro herbs for our cocktails across the hall.

It means our pastry chefs literally went foraging in the forest for berries during the height of summer that we dehydrated and made fruit vinegar from. All the meats on the table are heritage-raised in B.C. without antibiotics or hormones, grazed in pastures rather that corn-fed.

We partnered with Mara Valley Produce this winter, run by a young farming couple just an hour south of our Revelstoke staging area. They’re providing our over-wintered vegetables, like squash, potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, onions and leeks.

Our chefs, the masterminds behind this design, have a few things in common: they’ve all worked at some of the highest-end restaurants and locations; they all live to ski and get creative with food in equal measures; they’re all younger with their fingers on the pulse of the culinary world; and they’re all from Canada.

However, they’re from different parts of Canada, which is why our big Canadian winter is multicultural with chefs boasting backgrounds in Jamaican mixed with Canadian roots, French Canadian, and hailing from locations as far north as Nunavut and as far west as Salt Spring.

Under the influence of our head chef Michael Savoy, our menu features a clean style of food without the heavy butter and cream. As Savoy walks around the kitchen, he might ideate the meal for that night on the spot, creating a masterpiece like steelhead salmon with pee puree, dehydrated olives and seeds, microgreens, radishes and quinoa. And that’s just from what’s at hand—because masterminding high-quality food in a remote location that requires helicopter access calls for more than a little creativity.

Hungry yet? Great. We’ll see you for apres.