Olympic Gold Medallist Kaitlyn Farrington Drops in on Mica

Sochi Olympic Gold Medalist Kaitlyn Farrington dropped in on us with some shiny new hardware this month,  on route to he first ever big mountain film shoot with Sherpas Cinema. Excited and nervous she headed out into the Mica Heli tenure where the film crew and athletes Johnny Collinson and Lucas Debari were  camping out for five days. Flying in helicopters, waist deep powder on her snowboard and filming for The North Face had Kaitlyn excited. "This is all new to me" she told us when she arrived "I am so excited to be here!".

Kailtyn spent the week with the film crew lapping classic lines in Pillow Talk, Molson and Hanging Garden. Exuding strength, confidence and gold medal afterglow on her last day, she promised us "I will be back!"