Mica teams up with Salomon for the 2014/15 Ski Season

Mica Heli HQ has been buzzing with excitement over the past few weeks. The change in seasons, the launch of our new teaser and website and finally, a new partnership that we can't wait to share.

Salomon Logo


We have just teamed up with Salomon and will be stocking our ski fleet with their Rocker 2 and Rockette line of skis as we head into the 2014/2015 ski season. 

While it is the first year we will have Salomon skis in our quiver, Mica's relationship with Salomon is not entirely new. Award-winning production crew Switchback Entertainment has filmed two episodes of Salomon Freeski TV in our tenure over the years.  Deep: Mica Heliskiing was filmed in 2009 and the episode that kicked off last years award-winning season of Freeski TV was Return to Mica. Near the end of last season, Salomon athlete Greg Hill,  was filmed while exploring our terrain  during his race to ski tour 100 vertical kilometers in one month for his March Madness Challenge.

"Working with the Salomon crew has always been a pleasure" says Mica President, Paul Norrie. He is excited about more potential collaboration in the future, "We have worked with Salomon Freeski TV and Salomon athletes a number of times, and they are true professionals with the ability to produce exciting materials.  Each time they come up they've been able to capture the Mica Magic on film and reveal amazing content that gets us and our customers jazzed. Mike Douglas has a way of reminding me why it is that I work at Mica. I am excited about this new partnership with Salomon and hope that we can continue to build on the positive experiences we've had with the brand so far into the future"

When Salomon athlete Chris Rubens heard about the partnership he told us "Mica is a super special place for me. It is kind of where the Monashees, Selkirks and Rocky Mountains all meet. These are my three favourite mountain ranges in the world so finding a little bit of each of them in the terrain around Mica is pretty incredible. It seems like the mountains were designed for skiing up there, with perfectly spaced trees and mind blowing alpine. Then there is snow, it gets lots of it and it is as light and dry as you could possibly imagine." 

Rubens thinks "the ski for when it is Mica Deep, is for sure the Rocker 2-122. This is one of my favourite skis of all time and it is perfect to keep you floating and surfing your way through the bottomless powder". 

Chris Rubens getting air at Mica Heli - Paul Morrison Photo

[Chris Rubens rocking the Rocker 2- 122 at Mica | Photo: Paul Morrison]

Seven-year Mica guide Eric Ostopkevich has skied the Rocker 2- 122 for the past few years and agrees. "They are a fun and playful ski. They are veristile and good in crud, letting you play your way down the mountain or charge when you want to. The graphics are pretty cool too! Our guests will have alot of fun on these skis."

With temps dropping and final preparations being made at our lodge for the winter ahead,we couldn't be more excited to slash some pow on these new skis and hopefully get out with the Salomon crew again this season!