Rallyme Team Derailed Enduro Racing 2015

Mica Guides seeking support on The Road to the Trans Savoie Enduro Mountain Bike Race

At Mica we are proud of our staff and their pursuit of excellence both on and off skis.

This year, Mica's Guiding Manager; Shane Kroeger, Lead Guide; Rich Marshall,and former Chef; Julie Marshall, have joined forces in the quest to bring their  favourite off-season pursuit of enduro mountain biking to the next level. Together, they have formed the Derailed Enduro Mountain Bike Team. With years of competitive experience, athletic prowess and extreme mental determination, this crew is sure to be a force to be reckoned with on the enduro mountain bike scene this coming year. They aim to compete in the  BC Enduro Series and Whistler Enduro World Series events, to prepare for their ultimate goal of riding in the highly acclaimed Trans Savoie Enduro race in France from August 23rd - 28th 2015.

Comprised of six days of high-alpine enduro riding, the Trans Savoie race travels through the french alps from  Val D'Isere to Chamonix, France. According to the Trans Savoie website, the race course is "the most varied, challenging and original route ever conceived in the history of mountain biking". Entrants to the race are limited to 100 per year, and the entire Derailed Enduro team has been preselected to compete!

With a great record of podium performances in races all over British Columbia, the Derailed team is sure to be a  contender on this epic adventure. But first, they must overcome the challenge of raising funds and engaging with sponsors to help subsidize the cost of travel, race entry fees, bike equipment and maintenace. They have started a Rally Me campaign with a number of different benefits available to those who contribute to their mission. Watch their campaign video and check out the Rally Me page here: https://www.rallyme.com/rallies/1268/teamderailed