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This Winter’s Silver Lining

Well, its definitely been an interesting year. We are guessing that you, like us, are very much looking forward to reconnecting & simply going skiing. There is a silver lining: the opportunity for a lucky few of you to ski with us on unicorn dates that are usually booked solid; those coveted mid-winter dates that haven’t been open for the taking in a decade.

And if you’re looking for even more inspiration, consider booking out the entire lodge for a private heli-ski trip with your chosen bubble of people, this is your year to make it happen. After weathering months of isolation, a stint in a winter wonderland with your inner circle might just be the best way to re-calibrate.

Long-time guest Will Essin, who’s been coming to Mica for nearly a decade, agrees whole-heartedly. From experiencing the Mica magic on day one, he’s gradually expanded from eight seats to buying out the whole lodge for his friends and family.

“There is nothing quite like having the entire lodge to ourselves, especially now, for a chance to take a break from the rest of this crazy COVID 2020 world,” he told us. “It provides the experience of taking old friends and new skiing together at the place that’s become the pinnacle of heli-skiing. You can shuffle the groups on a daily basis so everyone gets to ski with everyone else. Outside of my family, having the entire lodge to ourselves once during the season is one of my greatest personal assets.”

At Mica, we’re uniquely prepared for this “crazy 2020 world”.

We’ve already been offering full private lodge options, like Will’s, and hyper-customized trips since our inception. Like that time we flew a grand piano onto a glacier for what was perhaps the world’s most remote and intimate performance. Or when we brought a whole five-piece orchestra to the lodge to compose and perform a piece for a guest. Or that day our maintenance guru Tom surprised a crew of skiers he knew were keen jibbers by spending hours machine-building a launch pad for them to do backflips outside the lodge. It’s all the times our chef Benoit special-orders certain cheeses to our uber-remote kitchen for a few certain French guests without needing to ask, or keeps Italian espresso on hand for the one party he knows can’t live without it.

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This winter, if you and your bubble want to be the only ones here, give us a call. You want to have eight people in our 20-person lodge? Let’s figure it out. You want to fly in directly on a private transfer to avoid extra touch-points? No problem. As a boutique operation, we’re literally built for being highly adaptable to make our guests feel comfortable.

Welcome to winter 2020-21. We’re thrilled to re-calibrate with you.

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