Foon Skis, our Custom Ski Builder

At Mica, we deeply value our long-time guests and think of them as family. When our guests have skied with Mica for ten years, we recognize them by inviting a local artist to come to the lodge (during the guest’s holiday) to get to know them and create a piece of custom artwork for them. This art is hung in the lodge, and also digitized to be applied as a top sheet to a pair of custom built skis.

This year, we are very excited to be working with Foon Skis based out of Pemberton, BC, as our custom ski builder and supplier.

Johnny Chilton, owner and builder at Foon, is a legendary big mountain skier and is deeply passionate about his skis. After 15 years as a professional skier, Johnny founded Foon Skis in 2011. Knowing what skis well and what kind of skier would excel on each pair of his skis, Johnny has been very helpful in working with us to make sure that each of our guest’s body type and skiing style will be paired in the skis being built for them.

Each pair of Foon Skis are made from a solid piece of locally harvested yellow cedar, some of the best wood available for making skis, as the sub-alpine environment in which it grows (slopes of the Coast Range) creates a wood that is as strong as traditional hardwoods, but much lighter.

All Foon Ski models are available in custom carbon builds, which are lighter, and a few of our guests have opted for this year. The ski’s flex has been designed specifically for each ten-year guest.

From build to top sheet, each of these skis are one-of-a-kind, just like our long-time guests.