Feel the Burn! How a Wildfire Opened Up More Tree Skiing in Dawson Valley

“The burn is very exciting - we might have just gained twenty percent more skiing,” says Tyler, one of the guides at Mica, about the new opened up tree-skiing in Dawson Valley.

The guides at Mica are buzzing with a new area of skiing in our terrain. This summer, British Columbia experienced an unprecedented wildfire season, with crews around the province battling blazes around the clock. Our remote tenure isn’t a high priority for the crews, as it doesn’t affect public safety, and so when a wildfire started in Dawson Valley, our entire company held its breath while fire traveled along the hillside until burning itself out. What that means is an area of dense trees in steep terrain just turned itself into wide open, steep tree-skiing.

Location: Dawson creek
Burn size: 2100 Hectares
Start date is around early July and burned until Mid September (when the rains came)
No action was taken on this fire.
Runs that burned:
Can Can trees, Sour Toe, Texas Hold’em, Pistol Whipped, Sweetness, Klondike, Dance Monkeys, Lock stock, Cold Smoke, Gold Rush
We have about 200cm snow at Treeline elevation in this area.

An area that used to be un-skiable is now an awesome new zone, and Mother Nature did all of the labour.

Typically, it takes a season or two for a burn like this to settle. The guides have been out in it, exploring and checking for hazards and can’t wait to share it with our guests. They come back with to the lodge with soot on their jackets - laughing and saying the clean up will be worth it (although, knowing them, chances are they’ll just leave the dirt on there).

For guests that have been skiing with us before, look forward to (weather permitting) having an entirely new area of tree skiing to explore - with that forgiving wide-open expanse that burn skiing offers.

Feel the burn!