Fall is coming. Most people are agonizing over shorter days and leaves turning, mourning the loss of warm weather. In denial of the coming of winter, they keep their beach chairs in the trunk and coolers handy in the garage in hopes of an Indian summer, light beers still lining the fridge in a desperate memorial to July heat.

And then there are the skiers.

To us, the first snowfall that hit the high peaks in B.C. in late August was a godsend. Powder dusted the ridges down to 2,000 meters, an inaugural hit of the white stuff that was to real winter enthusiasts like a sugar high is to a toddler.

And at Mica, we’re situated to take full advantage of it of early season snowfall. The sooner the better, in our opinion.

Mica’s tenure is uniquely located to receive the best of the weather patterns that hit B.C. It’s situated fully in the Rockies, but where most of the Rockies are known for a bonier snowpack, we sit just north of the Selkirks and border the Monashees—which means we get all the legendary snow those ranges are known for, while combining the height characteristic of Rockies terrain. This magic formula equals higher heli landings, higher elevation dry snow, and more of it.

Imagine this: an early-season storm tracks across the southwest from Kinbasket Lake. Another barrels down to meet it from the north. They converge on Mica’s zone, dumping drool-worthy amounts of snow all over this magic corner of B.C. And we get that all December.

So while the denialists wring their hands over passing of summer, the skiers dream of the white room, reveling in the anticipation of the coming snowpocalypse.

Sweet dreams. We’ll see you up here soon.